Audio Revival: “Right now we just want to make good music.”

Interview at Rania Papadopoulou
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Its sound is rock. They love that kind of music and they support it with the best way. Audio Revival, a rock band based in New York City, introduces itself at the greek audience via and it encourages us to… rock on!

-Who is the Audio Revival band?
Audio Revival:Well, we've got Ben DeFusco on guitar, the brothers Chad and Jake Flaherty on bass and lead vocals respectively, and I'm Steve Purcell, the drummer

-How was the band created?
Audio Revival: Previously Ben Chad and I were in another band together and when that group disbanded we decided to start this group with Jake on vocals.We had heard Jake sing before and he had even sat in a couple of times so when that band was done it seemed like the right move

-Why did you call the band Audio Revival?
Audio Revival:We had a long list of names that we were trying to choose from and nothing was really
striking home so we ended up combining those two words from a couple of other ideas and we liked it. It fits our mantra pretty well too, of trying to put our music and sound above everything else, so it worked well for us

-What are your ambitions ?
Audio Revival: Ok, ambitions. Right now we just want to make good music. Music that we all like and are proud of and that others can appreciate.And yeah, sell out stadiums across the globe haha.Baby steps.

-What about the source of your  inspiration?
Audio Revival: We really try to draw from most every era of rock music, wether it's Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, Soundgarden and Pearl Jam, Muse and Arctic Monkeys, Black Keys.We all kind of have different tastes which kind of manifests it's way in too

-How would you describe your music?
Audio Revival : I'm simple minded so I tell people it's rock. We want to draw on a lot of what's going on in rock music today but do it in our own way.So maybe a cross between muse, black keys, kings of Leon, arctic monkeys and about 50 other bands haha.

-Could you talk about your debut album "State of Motion"?
Audio Revival:Yeah, that's actually a combination of some of the first songs we wrote and a couple of songs we never finished from our previous band. I think there's even a track where Ben was singing lead vocals which is what he did in the last band. When we were writing those we were kind of figuring out that we were turning into a heavier, more rock oriented band which the last group was not. So it was kind of a transitioning stage for us.

-Your debut album "State of Motion" was funded by a kickstarter campaign. Could you describe this experience?
Audio Revival: Yeah, it was great! Kickstarter has kind of become the best way for up and coming bands to fund an album or a tour or what have you, so for us it was perfect. We set a goal and reached or were very close to reaching the goal in about a week or two and I think we ended up doing a little better than we thought we could, so it was encouraging as well.

-What do you think about the social media world? Can it help a new band to promote their work?
Audio Revival: I think so, it's a great way for bands to reach their audiences with little to no interference from a third party. So where as in the past you could only reach fans through buying ads or with the help an outside company or lable, now we can also do it ourselves and, with a large enough social following, come out with the same or comparable results.

-After the State of Motion, you distributed another two singles "Fuel the fire" and Southern Song.
Audio Revival:Yeah, this time around we're funding the recording process ourselves so studio time is a little scarcer. We figured it'd be a good idea to record a couple of songs at a time and release them every month or two, that way while we are releasing some finished tracks we can also be working towards recording new songs and releasing those in the following months. We actually just mixed the third single and will hopefully have that out in August and then hit the studio and record three or four more. We thought it'd also be a good way to keep fans engaged and looking forward to something new every month or so rather than waiting a year or so in between album releases.

-What are your plans? Do you have some lives appearances?
Audio Revival: Yeah we just played a show in Philli and one at Rutgers university. We have a show coming up for Saranac Thursdays in upstate New York, a big show we are putting on at Arlene's Grocery in NYC on August 9th and a couple of things coming up later this fall, and one potentially at Giants Stadium that we're all hoping for.

-Could you give a message for our readers?
Audio Revival: Whatever you do, do what you love. Do what makes you happy and forget about everything else.
And rock on!!

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